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Wi-Fi Available with Room Rental:

Heinz Bergann, Director
2222 Old Sanford Rd
Alamosa, CO 81101
(719) 589-2105
fax: (719) 587-3541


General Information

Membership Fees and Room Rental Rates

Rate structures currently in effect. (click here)


All room rentals include free access to the Internet.  Please contact the receptionist at the Customer Service Desk for a user name and password.

For all others wanting Internet access, the fee is $1.00 for each hour of access payable at the Customer Service Desk.  Please contact the receptionist for a user name and password.

Steps to connect:

- With your wireless card enabled, search and connect to the "RecCenter" hotspot.

- To log on, open your web browser.  If asked, accept the web certificate.

- The login screen display prompts you to enter your user name and password.

- After entering your user name and password, click Enter.  The Alamosa Rec website will be displayed if the authenication was successful.

- To display the amount of time remaining on the account for Internet access, open a web page and type 


Registrations can be done at the Parks & Recreation Office, 2222 Old Sanford Road, near the fairgrounds or online.  Unfortunately, due to the limited number of coaches and other factors, almost all of our programs have a maximum enrollment levels.  To make if fair for everyone, we do our registration on a first come first serve basis.  Please keep this in mind and note registration dates when you sign-up for programs.

All fees must be paid at the time of registration, unless extreme conditions exist.  Late registration will be accepted only on a space available basis and may be assessed a late fee.  Scholarships are available for youths whose families are experiencing financial hardships.  The Director of Parks & Recreation must approve all scholarships.


Cash, check, or VISA/MasterCard are acceptable forms of payment. Make all checks payable to City of Alamosa.  A $20 service charge will be assessed on any returned checks.  On all returned checks, participants will be removed from all programs until the check and the service charges are paid.