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As of March 17, 2020, the Multi-Use Pavilion/Ice Rink is closed until further notice as per state officials. Thank you for understanding!

Beginner Ice Skating Lessons
Learn skating fundamentals through this one-day class. Ages 5 and up are welcome. Cost is $7/class/person. Participation is on a first come basis and is intentionally limited to maintain a low number of students to instructor ratio.

Pre-registration is now required and is available below. If the minimum of 3 students/class is not met within 48 hours of class time, the class will be canceled. Registration is available in-person at the Ice Rink or Rec Center. 

The Beginner Class is designed for skaters who have never skated before or those with minimal skating experience. Both figure skaters and hockey skaters are welcome. At this level, the focus is to gain balance and develop basic skating technique.

Class format:
- Check-in 5-10 minutes before class time
- The lesson includes 45 minutes of instruction as well as skate rental. 
- The first 10 minutes of class includes how to lace your skates properly and off-ice instruction from staff. 
- The remainder of class will be on-ice learning.
- The class will have exclusive access to part of the ice rink; meaning- the rink divider will be laid out to segregate the class from public skating traffic. 
- After class, participants will have access to the ice for the remainder of the day’s public skating.

- We recommend wearing socks that come up to at least the mid-calf and ones that are slightly thicker pair nicely with rental skates.
- Please dress warmly, including hats and gloves. Layers are best, as you are sure to warm up with the activity. The Ice Rink is an indoor/outdoor facility and can be quite cold. The ice you will be skating on is at 22 degrees and the air temperature can vary depending on conditions.

All dates and times are subject to change as needed.

A signed participant waiver is required.

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